Week 14: What I’ve Learned

I have learned many things this semester in Intro to Mass Communications.

This being my first semester online  I learned other things as well, like, the fact that I really enjoy online classes. I was honestly skeptical at first but that has diminished completely. Not only have I been educated with a great deal of information here, I have also enjoyed my co-students, professor and the quality of education at hand.

One thing that has helped me personally is learning how to blog. Blogging has always interested me but this class had given me the push and knowledge I needed to construct my own, by gaining knowledge and understanding with our class blogs. I have information now, to actually create a post with and organized structure with the guides of Stovall & Turow. Whenever I tell people I have to write a blog for class each week they are always surprised and always think its super neat – I completely agree.

In addition to those things, I learned a lot about Mass Communications. Although my  track was advertising I was informed of the other tracks as well, which was nice to learn. My writing for mass media has improved greatly as I am more knowledgable of what makes good writing for the media. This was not one of my strong points before this class. The class literature by Stovall and Turow were great books, very informative and easy to understand. The mass communications information I have learned will be greatly translated in my daily life, like my personal blog, as well as my new job in marketing. I have learned that many of the same principles hold true to different forms of media, like the web, print, and broadcast, but they all have differences that set them apart. Learning the difference between these have really enhanced my knowledge.


Week 13: Broadcast News Story

Industry Returning to Area

Industry and jobs are returning to the area. Local First Trust Bank president, Joe E. Jamison made an announcement this morning that a secure investment plan has been made. Jamison and a group of local investors have teamed up with Textron Corp. to set a plan in motion to restore Loch’s Papermill plant into a thriving machine tool plant.

Construction is soon to begin on the abandoned plant and will be the new site of around 200 jobs. Refurbishing the plant will take about a year and when open, the area can look forward to a reduction of unemployment and an influx of capital.



James Glen Stoval Exercise 9.1, Writing radio news stories. Page 225

Week 12: Video Media & Broadcasting

Video Media and broadcasting are truly powerful forms of media. These two media outlets have the ability to generate feelings easier and faster as opposed to print media.  The messages are usually right out in the open and easily understood. It makes it easier to tap into the watcher’s mind, keep them watching and push them to try the advertised product.


Movie trailers really come to mind when I think of great video media. I always wonder how they make these trailers, that are tiny, little, summed-up versions of the movie, that generate so much interest and emotion. They are powerful pieces of advertisement. In some cases, they are better than the actual movie itself. I love going to the cinema and seeing the previews beforehand because if made right, that movie will be added to the list of future movies watched.

Week 11: Writing for the Web

Writing for the World Wide Web does not come easy, to this girl.

This weeks assignment could be one of my hardest weeks yet. I am terrible at thinking up clever little slogans that apply to my featured product. This type of writing is not one of my strengths. My plan of action seems to be to “wing it.” For no lack of trying, I’m not sure how professional the end product is. Props to those of you who excel at copy!

Designing images and graphics – fun, I love it. Most of the time I can come up with something semi interesting, buy copy, ehh, not my strong point. I surely respect it though.

Though I’m not great at it, I love a challenge.  None-the-less, this week’s project is probably one of my favorites so far. Plus, I get to be a graphic designer again, which I haven’t been since mid to late January.

Week 10: Web Based Artifact

Invisible Mercedes

This “Invisible Mercedes” ad is pretty neat. I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately so I have no idea if it airs in the US, I happened to stumble upon it on AdWeek.com and grabbed the link from YouTube.

The Mercedes car in the ad puts out 0.0 emissions, so Mercedes’ argument is that it is virtually invisible to the planet. Neat!

I’m not sure if my increased interest in the innovative product is clouding my judgement.. is this really a good ad?  I do think so.  I really like how they use more innovation, to show their smarts once again. Plus, they get the public involved.  Notice, at first, people in the video look at the car/product like it has five heads, but by the end of the commercial they are excited to see it, to see themselves dancing on the side of the car. It shows how we react to new technology, and new things, most of the time. We see it, understand what it is, decide if it’s legit or worth it, make a decision and we’re hooked or we aren’t. In this case, people were. I’m sure this car is quite expensive, but if I was able to afford it.. well lets just say I’d have one already.

So, I’ll say it again, I think this is a good artifact. What do you say.. are you on board?

Week 9: Internet Media & Advertising

Advertising is very prominent in Internet Media. I personally deal with it on a daily basis.

I hate to admit it, but I usually begin my days by checking my email to see what kind of deals and sales my favorite websites have to offer. From there I usually cruise their website, most of the time I don’t even buy anything.  In addition to those shopping advertisement emails, I receive emails from organizations like UNICEF and Greenpeace advertising their next big projects. Hook, line, and sinker. I check them out as well and this is only the beginning of my journey with the internet throughout the day. I continue surfing the web to check out Facebook.. any notifications, messages? I also zoom through to see if anyone had any interesting posts.. which seem far and few between, lately. I check out Twitter, and my blogs. Sometimes I even switch up the order to make it interesting! Hah.

A little while after I started this blog I set up a personal blog, too. I can honestly say that I am addicted to blogging. It’s on my mind day and night, constantly planning what kind of project or idea I will blog about. I have found that it is not the easiest to gain followers, you have to be proactive. I find that I generate more traffic when I advertise my blog with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a website called Bloglovin’.  I am always eager to find out if someone has commented on this blog or my other one so I am thankful that I receive emails telling me so.  I also check out a ton of other blogs.

If I didn’t have email for a month, wow, what would I be doing? Well for one, I would be doing tons more projects for my blog, DIY projects, taking pictures of them, etc. I just wouldn’t be able to post them for a month.. but with my new-found time I would be getting so many more done. I would also get so much more done around my house, earlier in the day and week.  I tend to be on the computer a lot and by the end of the day I force myself to get up and clean and what not.

Honestly, if I didn’t have to internet for a month, I would probably be more adventurous, more fit, and my house would be spotless, white glove test and all. Although I benefit from the internet, I think it also holds me back.



Week 8: Working in Print

Sometimes working in print can be incredibly tough. For me particularly, connecting an idea and a good design has not been easy, in this time around anyways. Even hours before the deadline I am struggling to create my advertisement. The thing is, I thought of a good topic; one I knew well and was interested in. In doing so, I thought it would be a piece of cake. It seems, I was wrong.

Usually I would find it fun to try and create an advertisement with a message and graphics, but this time, it is proving to be difficult!

..Stay tuned!


Week 7: WWF Ads

Artifact 1


Whether you are an advocate for change, or not, there is no denying that the WWF, World Wildlife Fund, has a plethora of electric artifacts that are especially effective. The depth of creativity and knowledge that goes into every artifact is pretty powerful and it really seeps through to the audience.  Trying to choose just one, especially good artifact is pretty difficult considering the WWF are consistently delivering impressive ads.

The artifacts included are all good examples of great advertising. They all convey a deeper meaning, which is Global Climate Change with creativity at the forefront. They push the attitude “take charge of your life, don’t let something else take charge of you.”  Artifact 2, “Consuming the Earth is Consuming our Future,” is directed towards parents and grandparents even. Most people plan for their kids to lead great lives, they don’t look to the future and see bad things for them. They try to set them up as well as they can, through emotional things like love and respect and sometimes, if able, through physical things like college funds or what have you. No parent wants to see their child on a plate, ready to be eaten, especially if the power was in their hands to change it. This ad has a power that pushes people to think to the future, to help, and provide a better way of life for them, it does so in a startling, over-the-top way but that is why it gets noticed.

Artifact 3 turns a villain into a hero. Using Darth Vader’s “dark side” as a good entity. It shows Darth in a healthy, green pasture surrounded by animals because by being on the “dark side” he is saving the planet.. so what kind of person are you if Darth Vader is trumping your kindness?

Artifact 4 is quite frightening. It shows a load of cars driving underwater. The title, “If we don’t stop Global Warming, Nature Will,” in its creativity sends a powerful message of what could be if helpful steps aren’t taken.

Artifact 2

Artifact 3

Artifact 4

Here is a link to more of their ads: More WWF Ads


Week 6: Print Media, where art thou?

In my household print media has decreased, substantially. Is this the case in your home?

In the past I received the local newspaper every Sunday. I no longer do that, nor have I for a few years. Some perks for stopping my subscription were quite simple, to save trees, costs and inked up fingers, but the main reason was because I was still able to access all of their information on their website, for free.

My boyfriend and I don’t physically receive any magazine subscriptions anymore, either. We do, however, receive them digitally. I receive Harper’s Bazaar magazine digitally threw our Motorola Xoom tablet while he receives many nerdy tech and music magazines.

Even the books I buy are purchased and downloaded digitally to my kindle. With the only exception being some school books because I do find it easier to take in information when I can actually highlight sentences, words, and write notes.

The print media we now see in our home is very, very minimal. We only receive it if it slips through the mail, which is rare. Since all of our bills are electronic as well, we don’t see much print from those companies either.

I can conclude that in my home, print media is almost extinct. Technology and the world wide web have taken over.

Week 5: Bias Buster?

Even though most of you disagreed with my choice of artifact last week, and I can understand why, I have created a scenario to change the commercial – just wee a bit.

I wouldn’t change the commercial, for the most part anyway, I would just change the ending. Mr. Manly Man, as I call him, would still go on and on about being a manly man and how awesome and dangerous he is. But, like I said, I would change the ending. It would now be the most climactic part.  Ms. Womanly Woman would be introduced. The scene would show Mr. Manly Man arriving to a destination but “Ms. WW” would already be there. She would be standing there with a Dr. Pepper in her hand, drinking it, while those bad guys are tied or handcuffed to a tree. Instead of running from these bad guys, she has caught them. Mr. MM looks in awe and confusion, while Ms.WW winks at him. Then the commercial ends with the two “cheersing” a Dr. Pepper Ten, while both of their teams (woman and man) are mingling and drinking Dr.Pepper in the background.

BOOM! Saved! Or did I just create another bias? Uhh ohh. I guess it depends on who you ask?